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 NESL's Mission: To advance understanding of weather, climate, atmospheric composition and processes; to provide facility support to the wider community; and, to apply our research results to benefit society.

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Formed in 2010, the NCAR Earth System Laboratory brings together NCAR's major lines of scientific inquiry . Research within NESL is highly collaborative, with specialties focused in the following three research divisions:

The Atmospheric Chemistry Division (ACD) explores the impact of chemistry on climate and air quality.
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The Climate & Global Dynamics Division (CGD) examines Earth's climate system, analyzing the observed environment and developing models capable of predicting the evolution of the climate system.
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The Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Division (MMM) seeks to further our understanding of key scientific questions in meteorology, with emphases on both understanding and forecasting weather as well as weather's relationship to climate.
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NESL Announcements

At the 2014 Fall AGU Meeting in December, Clara Deser and Jerry Meehl, two NESL/CGD Senior Scientists will be inducted as AGU...

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The urban heat island effect can be exacerbated by the smooth surfaces of buildings, such as these in Dallas.
Researchers are using specialized modeling techniques to better understand urban heat.

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  • The FRAPPÉ Field Campaign was held during Jul-Aug 2014.


  • The WRF Tutorial was held  held 21 July - 1 August in Boulder, CO.


  • The 2014 CESM Tutorial was held 11 - 5 August 2014 in Boulder, CO.
18 - 21 June 2012

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